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The Fallen

5 Stars:  Loved the book! Can't wait to read them all.

-Melissa R.

The Fallen

5 Stars:  Definitely worth the read, can't wait to start the next ones.

Dan D.

Trinity: Sins of the Father

4 out of 5 Stars: This was a great action-packed read that engages the reader from the first page. I haven't read the previous books, but still found this to be an entertaining read for the subway! The author has created a very interesting cast of characters, which include high schoolers and assassins, among others! My only critique would be that the book is SO action-packed, that I felt the pacing was too fast to really get good character development. Especially when a couple twists are revealed, what I knew of the characters didn't quite fit how they react. Otherwise, super fun and recommended read!

Amazon Customer