Natalina's favorite things!

Students have asked Natalina for years to recommend products and ingredients and now you have access here to some of her favorite things in the kitchen! 

We will be adding more products in the near future. 

Natalina's Kitchen, Italian Cooking School

Since 2011, Natalina has been teaching authentic, Italian food culture in her professional teaching kitchen in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. 

As the child of Southern Italian immigrants and having lived in Italy and traveled there extensively, she knows homemade, Italian cuisine.  With the right equipment and mastering the traditional tips and tricks of an Italian Mamma you too, can cook like an Italian, in your own home!   

"I've been to a couple of Natalina's classes and have absoulutely loved them! She really knows what she's doing, the classes are a ton of fun, and you make the most delicious food..."

Tricia Kopec

About Us

Natalina Bombino Campagnolo


We have been teaching Italian food culture since 2011 through hands on cooking classes,  food & wine tours , our cookbook and our online cooking school.  

Together we can bring homemade back!