Green Hummingbird

Fair Trade clothing and accessories made by artisans around the world who are paid and treated fairly for their products. Visit our store in Harrisonburg for a huge selection of clothes for women, men, and children. 

Why Us?

These products are hand-made by artisans from around the world and demonstrate a high quality ethnic flair.  Whether it's embroidery from Guatemala or hand-blocked prints from India, you're sure to find beautiful and unique pieces, created by people you know where paid a living wage. 

About Us

Eleanor Held

store owner

Green Hummingbird Fair Trade Clothing offers unique clothing made by workers and artisans from all over the globe who are paid a living wage for their product.  Clothes are made locally, nationally, and internationally, and provide the producers with good wages, safe working conditions, and most importantly, their dignity.


Visit us in downtown Harrisonburg, located right across from the municipal building

320 S. Main St Harrisonburg VA 22801

Store Hours

Tuesday— Friday

11 AM — 6 PM


10—6 PM

Sunday, Monday