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About Jodi Faith Ministries

Jodi Faith Ministries desires to see you empowered to believe in your future! Her autobiography, 'Is there a God? Hell, yeah!' chronicles her emotional journey as the survivor of domestic abuse, and how she turned to faith and hope to transform her life.

Jodi’s captivating spirit and encouraging words have inspired many. From individuals to small businesses, she aims to aid as many people as she can in embracing their God-given authority to be world changers and where necessary empowering audiences to completely abandon their feelings of purposelessness and hopelessness.

Jodi Faith weaves her story of restoration, hope, and healing throughout her presentations. A keynote speaker who sings, Jodi touches hearts and shares the powerful encouragement and strategies for living that she has personally experienced and learned.

Jodi, your true calling is to teach other people how to fully enjoy every second of their lives!

Mary S. 

About Jodi and Bob

Jodi Faith,

Founder, Jodi Faith Ministries

As a keynote speaker who sings, Jodi Faith has encouraged her audiences to “be the change they want to see in the world!” No event is too big or too small.

Bob And Jodi Faith have enjoyed an international music and speaking ministry but have also ministered for fresh potatoes and stale bread in soup kitchens across Canada.

They have been recipients of almost 30 awards from Branson, Missouri’s “Country Gospel Music Association” and Jodi’s music has been heard with strong radio airplay in over 50 nations.



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