Tŷ Môr

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Tree Less, Plastic Free, No Harmfull Chemicals, 100% Biodegradable, Affordable Quality, No Bleaching Agents, No BPA, Natural Colour, Anti Slavery, Zero Plastic Product, Ethical Sourcing, Environmentally Friendly, Recyclable, Carbon Positive, Carbon Off Setting, Sustainable Procurement, Reforestation.

Tŷ Môr is part of ShearWater ECO

I have to do something and I know what I have to do. 

ShearWater Eco Ltd was born out of a vision that environmentally friendly products that are used in daily human life should be affordable to all. 

About Us

ShearWater ECO

We are a company whose heart and soul belongs to the environment and protecting our natural resources for future generations.

ShearWater Eco™ adopts a philosophy of inclusion with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that they are adapting to more environmentally sound business models.

Our vetting process is stringent, ensuring that the correct checks have been conducted with both our direct and indirect suppliers.

For more information and B2B visit: https://shearwatereco.com