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Why hire Shawn?

As you know, nobody ever gained wealth by wasting money, and my services are specifically designed to save you the wasted money that's typical in selling a home.  

Plus, I offer a proprietary 100% money-back guarantee whereas if my systems were to fail you to the point that you want to hire a different Real Estate Broker or Agent outside of my consultation, you simply let me know so I can ensure your money is reimbursed at the closing table.  

All my work is transferable to any Agent so you won't have to pay for it again via their commission structure.  

So, selling your home for a higher sales price while keeping more of your hard-earned money is now risk-free!

And, if you prefer to spend less money upfront and more at closing, I offer a plan for $5/sq.ft. where I'm invested as well so you only put down half upfront, and half when you close.  I happy to do this as a way to stay invested in your success and my systems.

About Shawn

Shawn began a career in real estate in 2008 landing “Rookie of The Year” at the largest real estate office in the nation, and was then certified as a Luxury Home Marketing Specialist in 2010.

As a highly-attentive Sales & Marketing professional, Shawn was doing a great job yielding higher profit margins for his clients by executing the level of care and diligence that he would want himself. 

And after paying close attention to what was actually working versus what was going wasted, Shawn saw an opportunity to simplify the process of selling a home while also saving a lot of wasted dollars for home-sellers.  

Today, Shawn delivers this value through marketing consultation & logistics-handling service for the million-dollar home market where clients can commonly save $50,000 to $500,000.  


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