Welcome to Our e-Store. Book my Computer Services, 24/7! So, by the next morning, I will see it, call you up, and have you right on over!

Why Choose Us?

You deal with a real person, the owner who will take care of you and go the extra mile for you in your computer repair.  I will look at your computer and make it run a lot better than when I first got it.  Not only will I diagnose it, fix it, but I will tell you what's exactly wrong with it.  I'll let you know what was cleaned up, how many virus's/malware you had on it, and how I came up with the solution.  I want you to be my lifetime customer.  If there are parts involved, I will let you know, and if you want your old parts back, no problem--you can have them back, or I will dispose of them.  I want you to be a very happy customer, and tell others about the same.

Here at SHAZAM! Computers, we would like to know that we can repair(take care of the issue, plainly), Replace(upgrade, or simply replace the parts in your computer to optimize performance) or if you would like, we can offer you a brand new computers! Here's a summary of what we can do for you:

Virus, Malware, Rootkits, Hookworms, or other types of virus's that attack your computer.   Computer hardware upgrades:  Upgrades and configurations.  Data Storage: Inbound or Out.(Stationery or the cloud--will explain);RAM, Upgrades Hard Drive, Upgrades Video Card Upgrades Power Supply Upgrades Testing System Troubleshooting Networking of home and home office computers Software installation Complete wipe and reload of computer system Email setup.

Eric was very nice to talk to on the phone. Very professional. He came to my home and picked up my broken computer and it was repaired very quickly. Thank you Eric. ***One of my Waterford customers!! What a sweetheart! Thank you so very much! I was very happy to provide solutions for Patricia and her computer, and she was wanting to even pass out my brochures--even before I had her computer fixed. ***This is what I'm so glad to provide: not only a computer repair service, but to help out others who aren't able to get out of their home as easily as some are. I didn't even tell her about Thumbtack. Email me Patricia, so I have your email on hand. Have a fantastic day!

Patricial F
Waterford, WI

About Us

Eric R. Klingsten,

store owner

My name is Eric, I have owned my photography business, Eric's Expressions Photography since 1997. During that time, I have learned how to network computers, solve hardware and software issues, and diagnosing problems. I have been focusing in the IT arena in the since 2005.  I am now looking to expand my computer repair business to the website designing aspect.  I've done this since 2005 for myself, and even helped my wife get hers going--and get customers within 2 weeks!  I was shocked!  Sometimes those search engines take a lot longer, but my experience, and knowledge helped her become successful.


We are located in the Waterford, WI area.  I will give you directions, as I don't have a "store front--brick & mortar"at the time

Waterford, WI 53185

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by appointment.