Sixth Finger Rolling Capo

The fastest capo in the world ! Moves with your chording hand, no extra manoeuvres.

Why Choose Our Capo?

Our capos are proven to be the fastest in the world ! By replacing the index finger as barre, this capo lets you use all four fingers and thumb to shape any chord, anywhere on your fretboard with effortless speed. Move it as fast as you can move your fretting hand. Our capo moves with your fretting hand without any extra manual manoeuvres. Our ROLLING CAPO allows the guitarist to easily play thousands of new and more complex bar-chords. Expert guitarists will enjoy the potential to expand their performance capabilities by, in effect, giving their fretting hand a SIXTH FINGER.

About Us

Our workshop and artisans are located in Santa Pola, Provincia de Alicante, Generalitát Valenciana, Spain. Our company is fully owned by its workers. We have never sought investors, and we have no debt. All our net income is divided among our workers in proportion to hours worked. Our designs are protected by international patent law.