Riverview Park Tribute Collector Coins, Books, and DVDs

Welcome to your official source for the Des Moines Riverview Park DVDs, Memorial Coins, Coin Display Cases, and Riverview Books. The Newest release coins are here as well as some previous Riverview Coins if they are still available.

About Us

Bill Kooker

RiverviewDMS Founder

The Riverview Park Coins were a result of my buying a 1950s coin on eBay and posting a picture of it on the Riverview Official Facebook page. One of the group's members suggested the coin might be reproduced. That idea fit right into my goals and effors to keep the old parks memories alive.

The coins seemed a logical idea. They were something people could see and hold and even gaze at scenes from Riverview recreated on the faces of the coins. 

It was decided that the new official Riverview coins would be minted as two different sets or series comprised of three coins each.


Coin Set number one would be classified Series I

Coin Set number two would be Series II

Each coin would have a limited number minted creating 'rarity'

A signed 'Certificate of Authenticity' would accompany each coin