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Gourmet horse treats that combine fruit with chia seeds for supplemental nutrition horses love. Available in several tasty flavors in 45 or 90 count bags.

Why Choose Us?

We are horse owners and love our horses as much as you love yours. Chock Full'a Chia biscuits are  supplemental nutrition that feeds like a treat. Chia is a super food, high in protein and fiber, a powerhouse of Omega 3's and has anti inflammatory properties. We have combined this super food with fruit purees to create delectable flavors that all horses will love. These biscuits are low in sugars and starch so horses with metabolic issues can enjoy these too. Handmade in small batches, 100% natural with no preservatives, there is no other treat like this on the market. Each treat has an indentation in the top for administering any medications your horse maybe required to take.

The online store is set up for quantities up to 180 biscuits (e.g., 2 x 90 count bags). Please contact us directly via email if you are interested in placing a larger order so that we can give you an accurate estimate of shipping costs and time required to fill the order. For orders placed on the website, we generally have enough inventory to complete your order within 5 business days. If your order will be delayed beyond that due to lack of inventory, we will give you the option to wait for the order, substitute an item that we have in stock, or cancel the order.

If you live in the Olmsted County area of Southeast Minnesota, we can arrange for free local pickup. Please enter the pickup location (e.g., local barn) as the shipping location, and make sure you include contact information so that we can arrange pickup when your order is ready.

These ALL NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS that feed like treats are just simply AMAZING!!!

Randy Rease
Co-owner of Rivendell Connemaras and Irish Sport Horses, Alabama.

About Us

Mary & Deb


Mary Hartman and Deb Antolak, two moms beginning second careers. Our passion for our horses and years of baking cookies for kids have led us to this point. When Mary's horse returned from a very stressful time at a training facility it was suggested by her vet to try feeding Chia seeds to help settle her stomach and her mind. Chia seeds are very light and her mare blew more of it away than was being ingested. Our cooking skills came into play inventing ways to bind the chia in a cookie format. After months of trial and error, we created the "Chock Full'a Chia" line of biscuits, with many varied flavors that horses love.