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Why Choose Me?

I am available for genuine, caring and sincere guidance relating to most problems and issues. If you are uncertain and apprehensive about your future, troubled worried or insecure; facing problems, difficulties or emotional upset; a reading with me will offer support, guidance and be beneficial to your needs. I'm also available for consultation via my other services on aspects of life, such as issues relating to business, career, personal relationships and compatibility; the opportunity to gain insight, to discover strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to find direction and achieve goals in your life for the achievement of happiness and fulfilment. In contrast, and on a lighter note, you can consult me simply for a reading to take a look into your life, which can be both a rewarding, enjoyable and interesting experience. It may be you'd like to do this out of sheer curiosity or because a decision needs to be made, or because of a particular interest, or to reveal what destiny has in store for you regarding matters of love, luck, health and your Karma! When you have a reading with me you won't be expected or put under any obligation or pressure to opt for a reading at a higher rate than the one you have chosen - except, of course, unless you feel the need to do so and by your own decision, in which case I will be happy to oblige. I am constantly helping many people from all walks of life seek and achieve answers to their problems and conditions, and enhance their life. So, if there is an issue, problem, need or requirement, please do not hesitate to contact me. Together, I am sure a way forward can be found. The healing power of psychic counselling knows no boundaries, and the hope generated is both rewarding and beneficial - providing the person is genuinely seeking a solution to his or her problems. At the present time due to my commitments I am not able to offer a personal one-on-one reading service. At the moment I offer reading services by email which are audio recorded live as I read and delivered as an attachment in mp3 file format. For any further details please do not hesitate to contact me. I'm always happy to provide friendly assistance. I look forward to meeting and being of service to you.

I am a highly qualified expert reader and have years' of experience in doing Tarot and psychic readings without New Age Whoo-Hoo! I have also studied Psychology and a trained counsellor and conversant in counselling, and have excellent communication skills. My readings provide more than hope, guidance and help; they also provide healing. I are totally against exploitation of the Tarot and any psychic readings. I am a genuine, sincere reader and always have my clients and friends best interests at heart. I also find with my readings that the Tarot is a great counselling tool; just having someone to talk to makes a whole world of difference - and you will find I am a very good listener! I are here to help in any way I can, so please do not hesitate to contact me - you'll find me very approachable and friendly too!

About Me

Dusty Mario

Psychic Consultant

I have been reading for a long time, acquiring my first Tarot deck around the age of seven. My natural abilities were enhanced by receiving guidance and teaching from true Romany Gypsy, following further training with various mentors from multiple psychic and spiritual backgrounds, including the occult. I turned professional about twenty years ago and full time ten years ago, and this is now the only type of work I do. Over the years I have given countless readings to many different people and diverse places and events - from personal, parties to corporate/upmarket venues. I give talks, lectures and demonstrations at various locations and host workshops as well as participating on paranormal watches. I am also a qualifed Reiki Master and have also be trained and mentored in Essene healing which was one of the most profound experiences of my life. In addition I am a Master NLP and Time Line therapy practitioner, as well as a fully certified clinical hynotherapist - which I use to perform past life regression therapy, counsellor and have worked in various roles, including spiritual counselling.