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Plantscapes Creative Guru

Cacti and succulents have stolen our hearts because of the variety, their special forms, timelessness, flowers and no fuzz in taking care! We use them to create stunning and unique plant-landscapes flawlessly combining plants, pots, stones and sand. However, not everybody can come to our shop in Borsbeek, Belgium to enjoy our creations so we started this online shop where you can find a selection of healthy cacti from ours and other local greeneries. 

We compose our own soil, specific for the plants, so they can grow in their suitable environment. We want to give you a plant which lasts long, evolves over the years and even produces offspring. 


On location, in our store we have big selection of cacti, succulents and ready plantscapes. We also have big cacti and other exotic and rare plants. Check our shop website: www.plantscapes.be 

Parking arrangements: Park in the drive in, so you can easily take your plantscape in the car.


Lucien Hendrickxlei 22, 2150 Borsbeek, Belgium

Summer Openings Hours

Thursday, Friday & Saturday

10:30 —18:00