our Mission

Otto DIY Mission is to enable anyone in the world, teachers, parents, kids makers, leaders and anyone interested in robots to connect, learn and share knowledge. A new revolution, that empowers anyone in the world to successfully build their own robot; through the use of open source hardware, accessible technology, free education and an amazing community, the Otto Builders.


we wouldn’t exist without open source. Otto DIY robots were born from the idea of a truly open source hardware and we are still faithful to this ideology. Everything we do, everything we sell, is open source.

what does this mean? 

All source codes, 3D printed parts, blueprints, instructions manuals… everything is freely available to anyone via our great partner Wikifactory, a social collaborative platform, were we document all our creations. Because we strongly believe in the community and all the people around the world, we enable them by sharing our designs. We invest lots of time and resources providing truly open source code and hardware. Purchasing these official kits is one way of support to our global mission.

A great project, more than a robot toy, a learning tool for our workshops, everything you need to have fun and learn about technology.

Thanks for the adventure!

Ariel Lima
Otto Builder Club leader

about the Creator

Camilo Parra Palacio

Founder & Designer of Otto DIY

Hi! i am Camilo Parra Palacio, the Founder and Designer of Otto DIY. I am a Product Design Engineer with big love for robots.

My journey started in 2014,  when i got hired by a multinational in Shanghai, to work as an Industrial Designer. For 5 years i was living in China, designing multiple kinds of inflatable products, while at the same time, following my passion for robotics,  in my spare time, i was going to a small maker space in this huge city, to learn how to bring to life my own robot designs; it was there were i designed & created multiple successful educational robots and after iterations decided to make Otto; a robot that anyone can build. I realized that is not that difficult to make a robot, once you have the right tools, materials and parts in front of you. That is why i created these kits with optimal prices.

I have recently moved to the Czech Republic in the center of Europe, where the term "Robot" and the best opensource 3D printer were created. Today i dedicate all my full time and effort into this big Mission of making robotics accessible to everyone in the world, with the help of our great Otto Builder community.