Engaging our Community with Fundraising Opportunities through our Premium Coupon Cards

Why Choose Us?

We love helping out our local community. That's why we created the Love that Deal Premium Coupon Card to allow our Local Schools, Sports Teams, Clubs and Non -Profits to raise money for their school supplies, trips and various causes. Call us now if you want to know how!! 778-877-6496

About Us

Premium Coupon Card


Love That Deal has a very simple philosophy. We believe that "Sharing is Good!"

We are looking to introduce you to new and exciting opportunities, which in turn you can share with your family and friends. The businesses we seek out are also looking to share their innovative products and their great services. So there you go. We are looking to bring people together so they can share. Businesses share their vision, customers share the joy, and everyone can Love that Deal.

We are customers too. So we understand what you want, and we want to give it to you. You want good stuff. So we seek out and feature products and services that are great quality finds. We want to give you more than just a great deal, we want you to get a great deal on stuff that you actually want.

You want good options. So we will be honest and clear about the deals and their terms, making them as easy to use as possible.

You want good service. So we will be there for you. If you need to contact us, we will be ready to help make your experience great. Then, when you have a great experience, tell your family and friends, because as we said, "Sharing is Good!"


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