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Clean Kratom changed the Industry as we know it. In addition to being 100% ecofriendly, We are the very first Kratom dispensary in the World. We are the FIRST Interactive Kratom company to operate in a cGMP, State Inspected and licensed facility. 

 With the help of our local team of Microbiologist and our partnership with Alkemist Labs,  we offer the most transparent Kratom products on the market. We batch test EVERY SINGLE STRAIN we sell in an effort to self regulate, and provide a leading example for the Kratom Industry.  Clean isnt a lifestyle. Its not a promise. Its a simple alternative to a mass epidemic.   Self education, healing, and learning is a vital part of a healthy, balanced life.  We sell our Kratom for self enlightenment, and personal research purposes only. We operate as a CAM Kratom Therapy Clinic in an effort to ensure safety, and future legality. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you..

Clean Kratom

"No more pills. Thanks to Kratom, I have my life back. Thanks Clean"

Anthony P

Colorado Native

About Us

Faith Day

Company Founder

My name is Faith, Im the creator of Clean Kratom. For the past ten years I was a drug user. I had no formal education, was in and out of jail for drug related issues, and was never able to lead a productive life. With the power of Kratom, my life was changed. I am dedicated to securing a legal future for the industry. I love what I do, and I love my team. We stop at nothing to provide only the best, batch tested, quality Kratom in the State of Colorado and Surrounding areas. I am 25 and now am the proud owner of business ventures, 2 cars, a home, and a functional life.  None of this was possible as a heroin addict, but thats all behind me now. 

Because I got #Clean. 


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