Give Mat Bowtell a helping hand.

Mat Bowtell was retrenched, and it was the best thing that ever happened to him. Now he makes prosthetic hands for kids who can't afford them - for free. It's a full time job and Mat needs our help to keep up his handy work!

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Why help Mat Bowtell?

Mat Bowtell was retrenched and instead of rolling over, he blew $5,000 on a 3D printer, bunkered down in his garage while his kids slept, and started tinkering on a long-held dream. To design, make and deliver prosthetic hands and fingers for anyone too poor to afford them. For free.

International companies sell similar prosthetics on the market for many thousands of dollars. Mat brings his kinetic finger in for under a dollar. Velcro is the most expensive component.

Mat is slowly going broke. He reckons his family can survive on what’s left of his redundancy payout for another 12 months, at a stretch.

He makes dreams come true for disadvantaged families, and we now have the opportunity to help his family in their quest to provide more limbs and digits to more families, more often.

Does he deserve a helping hand? You choose.

“Mat Bowtell gave his revolutionary designs away for free, when he could have laughed all the way to the bank. Measure him by that, I say. Mat’s exquisite engineering mind and genuine social conscience prove that he is born to do this work. It’s pretty simple, if we help him, he will help many.” 

Samuel Johnson

Victorian Australian of the Year, 2018

Mat's Revolutionary Invention

Mat could’ve made his fortune if he’d patented his invention of the Kinetic Finger. Instead, he sent it out on the internet as open source code, available for download to anyone who needs it. If you want to share Mat Bowtell’s designs with someone in need, or even if you just want to peek into the mind of an engineering wizard, you can get befuddled here. 

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