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What are we about?

Fischer Workshops was established with the goal of providing people with the opportunity to experience the joy of working with leather and to foster the need for creativity, while providing original patterns, designs, instructions, and one of a kind products to choose from. 

AMAZING earn every penny you charge for such beauty!

Heather T.

Superb bag, your skills are excellent and the design is incredibly stylish! 

Paul L.

Top notch work and craftsmanship!

Bruce C.

About Us



I'm originally from Arizona in the U.S. but moved to Taiwan about 20 years ago. I fell in love with leatherwork one day when a neighbor introduced me to the craft and have been at it ever since. One of my favorite aspects of leather work is carving and tooling western floral designs with modern leather accessories. I also love the challenge of coming up with some of my own patterns and styles for my leather work and teaching others some of the skills I've learned along the way.