What We Do

We use Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified 100% Organic Cotton fabric made by organic farming communities in the state of Maharashtra, India.

We find and train marginalised women in our neighborhoods to make them self sufficient by providing them free learning and earning opportunities.

These women learn different vocational and social skills to create beautifully handcrafted organic clothing garments and achieve better standard of living in society and become financially independent.

We are advancing and strengthening the voices and participation of marginalized women in our society through our work.

About Us

fabriKolor is a for - profit social enterprise start-up based in Pune, India.

Our vision is to create a self sustained socio-cultural movement to support community development, sustainable living, poverty alleviation and environment protection.

We see ourselves as a certain breed of individuals, who look at social issues as opportunities to come forward and create an impact and bring a change.