DyeBold™ Machine


It is finally here, the machine that will disrupt the carpet dyeing industry. Compact, lightweight, yet powerful, this features adjustable psi and 2 independently activated in-line heaters (Total of 4000 Watts of power) to optimally deliver the dye solution, for best color absorption. Ideal for FULL ROOM DYEING, RUG OVER DYEING AND SIDE MATCH COLOR CORRECTION. *Also used as a Truck Mount back up, to apply prespray and fiber protector. 

About Us

Larissa "Issa" Hoker,

Master Colorist

As a carpet dyeing professional, I found the market lacking for a carpet dyeing tool that would allow me to efficiently and effectively apply dyes at the correct pressure and temperature. So in conjunction with Mytee Products, industry leader and manufacturer, the DyeBold™ Carpet Dyeing Machine came to be, initially for our own use only. But it did not take long for word to get out to other carpet dyer professionals about this innovative machine. We are proud to bring this machine to the US and International market as a tool that will allow carpet restorers and rug dyers worldwide to more easily achieve exceptional results.



Florida and California

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