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Most of our products are exclusive to our store locally, and ready-stocked.  Instead of paying international shipping costs and waiting for that perfect product to arrive from overseas, we strive to offer that convenience to you.

COSMOBABY also supports stay-at-home moms who sew cute homemade children's clothing, and working moms who are inspired to write wonderful children's stories.

Our gift hampers are perfect for any occasions like birthdays or baby showers, or just any reason for a gift!

COSMOBABY is committed to our products.  If we don't like it, we won't sell it. That's our promise to you!

Thank you COSMOBABY!! Received my items prompt and in perfect condition. Will definitely come back for more!! :)

Jill Mah



COSMOBABY was formed by 3 good friends in 2012, to bring products that are of exceptional quality, innovative, organic and/or Eco-friendly, to parents and their children, that are not available or easily available locally.

It all started during a gathering that we noted really innovative and useful products brought back by 1 of the mums from overseas, and we lamented that we were not able to find such products locally, or even so, will be much delayed. So it became a light bulb moment that we should not wait for others to bring it in to be made available for us, but we are the ones that bring them in pronto!

The products we carry are tried and tested by us, our friends and/or our children. If we don't like it, we won't sell it. That's our promise to you!

We hope you will like the products as much as we do. Have a happy and fun shopping experience with COSMOBABY!