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What is #CLUB1000?

Inspired by our Citroen C1 racing adventure, where we discovered next-level-racing fun, at low-level speeds, BTG is bringing 1-litre fun to the Nürburgring Nordschleife, and other great racing tracks!

The emphasis is on driver skill, fun times, great meets and building your own #RingTool to a good standard. It’s not about how much horsepower you can buy or how many times you can post your first Sub8 youtube link.

The 2018 #Club1000 is a CLUB and NOT a race, and it’s open to:

Road-legal cars originally fitted with engines up to 1049cc – the cars will be driven at the Nürburgring and must meet all the standards that entails (read those here).Remember, you UK and NL types, that you’re bringing your car to the land of TÜV. All your German and Swiss friends have a tough job ahead of them to make their cars legal. We will expect neat and tidy cars with no sharp bits, no pokey-out bits and no dangerous defects.Cars must use the original chassis and original motors with original un-modified internals, only like-for-like replacements are allowed. No fitting Fiesta engines to Pumas, no de-stroking a 1.4 K-series to 1.0, or fitting Schrick cams to a Polo. Standard cam-timing, standard pulleys.No bike engine kit-cars, no turbos/superchargers (original or aftermarket), no nitrous, no methanol.Intakes and exhausts are free. (Remember those cams and cranks are stock, so your £4k Jenvey throttle bodies aren’t going to have much of an effect)Minimum safety requirements for participation on track will be half-cage, fixed-back bucket seat and road-legal 4-point harness, helmet and a hand-held fire extinguisher securely fastened.A control tyre will be chosen that offers a good blend of performance and price and availability in the relevant sizes (13″, 14″ and 15″). Expect a maximum width of 165 to 175!Suspension: Dampers, springs and anti-roll bars are free, BUT no coil-overs or height adjustable platforms.*Weight-saving is fine, but ultimately the car should be considered road-legal by the Germans when entering the Nürburgring. So don’t think you can cut the roof off, or replace the windscreen with a sheet of sticky-back plastic. Glass front windscreens and intact body panels are compulsory, as are mirrors and windscreen wipers! Dashboards must be stock, door-cards must protect both driver and passenger from any sharp-edges.It’s a CLUB not a RACE!

Aside from the obvious fun at the Nordschleife (Touristenfahrten and trackdays) we are also planning some small-scale action at Kart tracks and the Nürburgring FSZ sprint track.