Purr-fect Companions Sanctuary Ticket & Donation Center

Our 501(c)3 organization is entirely run from community and individual donations. Dedicated and loving volunteers who help bring it all together! We would like to have you participate in some way, if your interested.

Why make a Donation to us?

#1 Reason - WE LOVE CATS!!! 

We believe that we need to try and help as many cats as we can honestly believe we can find new homes for, but we have some that are not adoptable, but being a no-kill shelter, we will make their lives a loving, caring, family filled home for the rest of their lives.

When we started the Sanctuary, we never thought we would have realized the numbers of Cats and Kittens we had saved from a much worst fate in many cases, much less finding SO MANY felines new loving forever homes.

We do rely entirely on the generosity of many individuals and area business who have seen the benefit to assisting us when we ask for a donation.  They are also wonderful donors who contribute to our fundraisers with gift cards, merchandise, and services, and time.  But even with all of those donations, we still struggle with the overhead of caring for so many cats every year.  Foods, litter, medicine, vet bills, facility maintenance, utilities, etc. etc. etc.  We REALLY need donations so we can continue all of the great work we are doing for Cleveland, the neighborhoods, and community, and most of all, the cats in our care!

This place is simply amazing. The staff treats their cats & kittens like true family members. It's extremely clean there & you see nothing but love. I recently adopted two kittens from here. Thanks for my new twins!!! Nothing but good thoughts about this place. We'll keep you posted on Piddy Paws & Bentley

Deanna Gaskins
Happy Adopter!