Why the CenterPIN-MATE

 Over the past 20+ years of centerpin fishing I've been a mentor and teacher to many beginners. I know the frustrations some experience learning to cast the centerpin.  Side arm casting has become the most popular and I find it to be the easiest and quickest way to learn and teach. The CenterPIN-MATE  provides the user with a smooth friction free surface for the line to glide through while casting the Centerpin, unlike other hand techniques that may cause friction and/or resistance reducing the distance and accuracy of the cast. Adjusting the lanyard will help the user keep his hand in the position needed for the line to release off the spool correctly. Wearing warm gloves and bulky clothing in cold weather has been another problem for many side arm casting fisherman. The CenterPIN-MATE provides the same smooth friction free surface while wearing most cold weather gloves and winter clothing.

As a drift boat owner I no longer have to have my guest using a spinning rod or anchor right on top of the hole. With the CenterPIN-MATE I have my guests that have never used a centerpin casting in minutes. The best piece of fishing tackle on my boat.

Ron Lambertson

Ron Lambertson


 The CenterPIN-MATE.  Made and designed by a fisherman for the fishermen. Im so sure you will be satisfied or you can return the product within 30 days.