CAMOSHI Medicinal

Shamanic medicine rapé, shamanic kuripe and tepi pipes made with love and care by Eflo & Sanchim at our CAMOSHI workshop in the Lesser Town in Prague. We believe in a strong power of rapé in healing and dissolving negative energies. 

Be just who you are.

The most thoughtful and diligently made thing I have ever purchased. Time and energy was deliberate and I appreciate that so much.

Miami, USA
Great service, fast shipping, and very reasonable prices for products of such quality!
Erik Johnson
Los Angeles, California

About Us

Eflo & Sanchim

CAMOSHI Medicinal

We craft shamanic medicine rapé kuripe & tepi pipes, shamanic rattles and other ceremonial sacred tools.

About Sanchim

I'm shamanic medicine student, woodcrafter, Kawasaki rider and passionate sailor. I enjoy crafting shamanic kuripe and tepi pipes which I use during ceremonies I host. In 2018 I went thru training called "Psychedelic crisis intervention training & harm reduction" led by Levente Móró, PhD.

During Natemamu ritual in Ecuador, I got the name Sanchim from the Shuar shaman, uwishin. During the ritual, we drunk a bowl of tobacco (tunakaramamu) and ayahuasca medicine prepared as a tea in a huge quantity (natemamu). Other sacred medicines accompanied us thru the rituals.

For many years I'm proud member of several non-profit foundations where we support local young companies, arts & cultur and sustainable approach.

About Eflo

Eflo is a painter, graphic designer, vegan thinker, and dachshund collector. Crafts tepi & kuripe pipes, necklaces, and creates unique intuitive engravings.

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