Beer for Dogs

0% Alcohol. 100% Delicious. 

Be a part of the movement.

Beer for Dogs? Seriously?!

Now your dog can enjoy a blend of nutritious goodness - in the can - to look just like their human’s favourite drink! Kick back and share a cold brew with your four-legged best friend on the deck, in the park, on a beach... Bonding at it’s finest.

Each batch is a unique blend of locally-sourced meat, bones, fruits, vegetables and nutritional ingredients. Our Beer for Dogs can be served straight-up or poured over their food as an added treat at meal time. Our brew has been carefully crafted and is a great source of essential minerals. It provides your pooch with immune system and joint support. It also promotes digestion and a healthy gut. It is meaty and delicious, and loved by dogs everywhere.

The goodness goes beyond the joy of serving a delicious treat to your pooch - it is nutritious and delicious.

Made at Kitchen Door Catering and canned by Craft Coast Canning- We are a truly Maritime Company. 

We offer wholesale! Send us a message for your business discount code.

Typically, i'm a water guy. My mom likes to make me these weird broth concoctions and electrolytes when i'm feeling tired or sick... My dad tells me that i'm a good boy if I drink it. But I never do... But I very much like the Beer for Dogs. It's my favourite after a trail walk, when i'm feeling sick, or when I want to fit in with my parents. I like the gelatin, it's my favourite part

🍺🐺 Cheers,

Nero (the Weirdo)
Siberian Husky x Bullmastiff


Our Beer for Dogs is currently available at Petite Urban Pooch

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