Dogs go WILD for it!

A non-boozy blend of goodness endorsed by Frankie the Fox

Welcome to the first Canadian Beer for Dogs! Proudly brewed and packaged in the Maritimes!

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Beer for Dogs? Seriously?!

Yup! Now your dog can enjoy a non-boozy blend of nutritious goodness - in the can to look just like their human’s favourite drink! Kick back and share a cold brew with your four-legged best friend on a sunny patio this Summer - that is our vision for this nutritious and delicious Beer for Dogs.

Each batch is a unique blend of locally-sourced meat, bones, fruits and vegetables - plus a few secret (healthy) ingredients to up the nutritional value. Our Beer for Dogs can be served straight-up or poured over their food as an added treat at meal time! Besides allowing you to never drink alone again there other benefits including:

~ A great source of essential minerals

~ Beneficial to the immune system

~ Free of common allergens (gluten, grain, dairy, chicken)

~ Helps heal joints

~ Promotes digestion & a healthy gut

Beer for Dogs was created to give back.  

To our environment by diverting unloved fruits and vegetables into our brew sourced from Nova Scotia farmers and producers.

To our local business community by moving the production of the beer into the Kitchen Door Catering Co., Ltd facility.

So the goodness goes beyond the joy of serving a delicious treat to your pooch - it is built into every part of the product.

Typically, i'm a water guy. My mom likes to make me these weird broth concoctions and electrolytes when i'm feeling tired or sick... My dad tells me that i'm a good boy if I drink it. But I never do... But I very much like the Beer for Dogs. It's my favourite after a trail walk, when i'm feeling sick, or when I want to fit in with my parents. I like the gelatin, it's my favourite part

🍺🐺 Cheers,

Nero (the Weirdo)
Siberian Husky x Bullmastiff


Our Beer for Dogs is currently available at Petite Urban Pooch

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