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Bathmate is the revolutionary and the newest technology for penis enlargement industry, unique, more efficient, more effective, works using the power of water, train your penis to get bigger, harder, and enlarge penis size at a whole size.

Why Choose Bathmate?

Conventional air pumps allow the air within to act like a sponge – they compress and expand without enlarging the penis in proportion; this results in the enlargement of certain areas and not others i.e. foreskin and not length or thickness.The Bathmate is filled with water, positioned and sealed at the base. When using the Bathmate, the water around the penis has an negative pressure which creates an evenly distributed suction force to every part of the penis. This helps to draw rich oxygenated blood to the penis cavity and to expend it.

With consistent proper use of the Bathmate, there will be more and more blood to be allowed into the soft spongy tissue inside the penis cavity. This triggers the penis to generate more cells to expand its size to hold more blood during a normal erection. By increasing the capacity of this tissue to hold more blood, the penis will be larger as a result.

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HydroMax, HydroXtreme

The revolutionary Bathmate Hydro pump is nothing like any conventional vacuum device ever invented. Designed to harness the power of water, this revolutionary patented hydrotherapy system gives many health benefits to the user.

The gaiter on the Bathmate is designed to work with a pressure that is not harmful to the penis. On the contrary it has been designed, following extensive research, to make your penis healthier with use. The gaiter is made from high grade material, which makes it highly valuable as well as perfect for function. Beware of cheap imitations and counterfeits.

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