Author Marie Gage

Stories sold on this website are inspired by one child and inspiring for all children. 

They are the combined effort of two sisters. Marie Gage is the Author and Audrey Ramsay is the illustrator. 

Why Choose Us?

Marie Gage is a retired occupational therapist who is now the grandmother of 4. She began writing in her retirement as a way of documenting family history.

During the Christmas season of 2016 she began to wonder why she would not use her new-found writing skills to create a special present for each of her grandchildren. This book is the third in that series. The story was inspired by the love of one child but is a fun and educational story for any child. 

Audrey Ramsay is a retired Customer Service Representative clerk who worked for the hospitals in the London, Ontario, Canada area for 25 years.

She has always had a flair for art and in her later years experimented with various types of media such as watercolour, acrylic, pen and ink, washable oils and pencil crayon. She is predominantly self-taught but has taken many art classes to learn the basics about specifiic techniques. 

The illustrations for Blake's Monkey Adventure were done on paper and photographed. She subsequently taught herself how to draw digitally and all other books have digital drawings. 

About Us

Marie Gage & Audrey Ramsay

Author and Illustrator

Author Marie Gage gains inspiration for stories from real people in her life. As such the stories tend to resonate with others. 

Illustrator Audrey Ramsay is a self-taught artist who prides herself in continually learning new techniques to help children with the understanding of the story.