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Adelaide C. was born in   2014    with the idea  of sharing the personal vision of ethically correct and cruelty free fashion, through the eyes of Sardinian designer Adelaide Carta. A new concept of trend      based on a green and   eco   friendly    philosophy: Italian made, vegan materials, accompanied by crafted, printed and painted cork, which recall its essential origins, who are guide and inspiration of  every project.     This  young  brand     looks forward to  consolidate ethic and fashion in every of its products completely made in Italy. The leading actor is a revolutionary women in need for  freedom, innovation  and changes.    Colours,    often numerous and highly eye-catching, are playing within a customary and illusional normality, bringing to life a new fashion personal perspective.


 PETA Certification


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Fur Free Retailer

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Adelaide Carta

Fashion Ethical designer

Adelaide Carta, founder of the eponymous young Italian brand of eco-friendly bags and accessories with the "Fashion-Green" philosophy, was born in Sardinia on October 9, 1988 and grew with the obsessive and unbridled need to "make fashion", ... her fashion, trying to reform the trivial equivalence "TRENDY = ANTI-ETHICAL". 

She began her field studies in 2010 and after several years of research and development and various projects on traditional materials, its focus is on women's accessories and in particular on eco-sustainable leather goods. In 2014 the Adelaide C. brand was born, and in 2015 the first real collection "MATCH (INCONTRO)" 

All collections are made with corks, vegan leather cruelty free, derived from vegetable fibers such as pinatex (pineapple leaves), fabrics with eco-sustainable and ecological wood fibers.

Adelaide is selected from 2018 to 2020 for all seasonal editions of the Altaroma "Showcase" event. In 2018 and 2019 she was chosen together with 29 other designers from all over the world for Helsinki Fashion Week: the first completely eco-sustainable FASHION WEEK in the world. In September 2019 it was presented at the first design Biennale in Porto, Portugal, which for its first edition hosted Italy as a pioneer of design. The "Adelaide C." fashion brand is chosen among many Italian Home-Product-Fashion designers, as an example of cultural, ethical and innovative fashion design, both for aesthetics and for the conceptual evolution achieved. The biennial was open until January 2020 by tourists from all over the world.