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How to Start a Small Business in Idaho (ID)

If you think you have an amazing business idea, don’t be afraid to go for it. You could be creating a huge business endeavor and a new must-try shop for customers. If you’ve based in Idaho, you should know that your state also offers some fantastic benefits for new businesses.

They are ranked 1st in their rate of new entrepreneurs and 2nd in economic growth prospects. Idaho is also placed 6th in access to funding for business ventures. So, what are you waiting for?

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Idaho’s Most Popular Businesses

You want to choose a business that you can be proud of and invest yourself in. While you may already have a concept in mind of the type of business you’d like to pursue, Idaho has some fan-favorite businesses to help out those in search of the right business idea. Campgrounds, pumpkin farms, and drive-in movie theaters can all be fun and profitable business plans in Idaho.

Planning Processes

To open your business legally and properly, you must be prepared. There are many steps you have to take before you can open your doors to customers. Here are some of the most crucial first steps before launching:

1. Pick a name

Choosing a name for your business will be the first step toward creating your overall brand. This will represent you and how your customers remember you. With that being said, it can be important to think of a name that will properly show off your business and your vision. You want to make it memorable, as well as something that will stand out from competitors. 

When you are selecting a business name in Idaho, there are some rules to keep in mind. However, those shouldn’t halt your creativity or stop you from opening your dream business.

2.  Conduct market research

Market research is a great way to get ahead of your desired audience and see what they may want out of a business like yours. You can see what they respond best to and even evaluate what your competition is doing to attract them to their business.

3.  Choose a structure

To successfully and legally run your business, you must choose a business structure that suits your goals and vision. This structure will help create stronger credibility and protect against any liability. This could be an LLC, sole proprietorship, corporation, non-profit, or partnership.

Registering in Idaho

After choosing a business structure that will represent your business correctly, you will want to register it within Idaho. In most cases, you will need to submit your business name, formation documents, employer identification number, and the name of a registered agent who controls your taxes. Depending on which structure you chose, these needs could change as the state may ask for more documents or certificates.

It’s All About Location

If you are planning to open a brick-and-mortar store, you will have to take its location into consideration. You will want to open in an area that will benefit you and help you grow, somewhere with heavy foot traffic and growth opportunities. Within Idaho, cities like Boise or Idaho Falls could be perfect locations to start with.

On the other hand, if you are looking to open an online store within the state, you may have much more freedom, as you can be based anywhere in the state.

Focus on Banking

When you choose to open up your own business, you will want to create a separate banking account and credit card solely for the store. This way, your own affairs, and transactions are not mixed within it. Separate accounts will help keep your personal property safe.

A credit card will also help track transactions for the store and help develop a good credit score.

Once those are made, bank accounting software or an accountant could be a great addition. An accountant could help keep track of income and transactions and make tax season a breeze.

Insure Your Business

As your business grows larger, you may want to look into getting insurance. You could enroll in Workers’ Compensation Insurance, General Liability Insurance, or Professional Liability Insurance. No matter what you get, Idaho does require businesses with one or more employees to have some sort of Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

Hiring Employees

When you get to the stage of your business where you get to hire employees, this probably means that you are doing an amazing job. You are growing and looking for help as you expand; that is great! It can be exciting to find like-minded people to help your business soar.

You will just need to ensure you are doing it legally. This simply means being registered in the IRS for employee taxes and reporting new hires to the state of Idaho.


Branding is the step of opening a business, a step that creates a definable personality for your store. Branding gives you the opportunity to craft a unique experience for your customers, and to show off your own vision and values as a business.

What do you want your brand to represent?
How do you want to be seen by your customers?

Questions like these can help you figure out what you want your store to represent, and even what products you should offer within it.

After branding, you should work on designing a proper logo as well. A logo is like mini branding, a way for customers to recognize you quickly and understand your business from the outside.

Get Online

In the world we live in today, an online presence can be key to getting connected with your customers and growing. This could entail creating a website. You can put your business’s information, brand, values, pictures, and even products online. Let people learn about you and even make purchases if that is your goal.

Whether you have an online store or not, maintaining a presence on social media can be a great way to connect with your customers and showcase your business. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have become amazing resources for businesses.

Online Business

If you are leaning more towards having an online store in Idaho, companies like Ecwid are there to lend a helping hand and make your online store dreams a reality. They can help you create a website, sell your products from it, and also connect your products to other platforms like Facebook and Instagram for more sales. Since you are linking your products to other selling sites, you will get higher virtual traffic and more opportunities to make sales.

Ecwid is there to make your online store journey easier, as they offer a simple dashboard where you can see everything from sales to inventory all in one place. Within the dashboard, you can see which sales platforms may be performing better than others and check which products need to be restocked. If you plan on opening an online store, Ecwid could quickly become your best friend.


Being online by itself can only do so much. From there, you must market your business. Whether you want to do it online, offline, or both, there should be a budget set aside for marketing. Depending on your goals and the size of the company, $250 to $1,500 a month can be used for marketing. If you want to prioritize offline, you can focus on business cards, signage, billboards, pamphlets, or community events to help reach your target audience.

A good mixture of online and local marketing is Google My Business. From there, you can help locals find your business and see contact information, pictures, a summary of your store, and more.

If you want to increase your presence online, you can use your marketing budget to go toward ad space on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Having pages on all of those sites can also be a helpful marketing tool as well.

Then, whether you have a brick-and-mortar or online business, email and text subscriptions can be a great way to keep direct contact with customers, gain regulars, and keep tabs on return customers. You can message them about promos, deals, or new products.

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