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How to Start a Small Business in Arizona (AZ)

Entrepreneurship is considered a part of the American dream to so many. And for good reason. A successful business can put you in the position of being your own boss, as well as being able to support yourself and/or your family. 

If you are thinking of starting a business in Arizona, there are some key facts to keep in mind. Arizona is ranked 6th for new entrepreneurs, 14th for access to funding, and 3rd for economic growth prospects. With these numbers in mind, what’s stopping you, Arizonians?

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Arizona’s Most Popular Businesses

If you already have an idea for your business, then you’re ahead of the game. But if not, no worries. You can always consider some very popular businesses in Arizona. Places like roller rinks, drive-in movie theaters, and clothing boutiques are always exciting for Arizona natives and visitors alike.

Planning Processes

Almost everything in life requires careful planning to make sure it’s successful. This is no different when you’re creating a business. Here are some steps to help you get started:

1. Pick a name

Picking a name could be one of the most exciting parts of creating your business. You get to pick a name that represents who you are and what you sell. To help pick a name that does this, you will want to closely consider your business’s values and goals. Your name is how customers will remember you and refer you to friends. 

You will want a name that shares the business’ values but is also unique enough to stick in people’s minds. In Arizona, there are rules to keep in mind while picking a business name, but don’t let those slow down your creative process or stop you from opening your store.

2.  Conduct market research

How well do you know the market your business is going to be in? This phase is great for understanding what your audience is really looking for and what your competitors are doing. That way, you can plan out ways to stand out from the competition.

3.  Choose a structure

To be able to create your business properly, you need to have a structure. This structure could take the form of an LLC, partnership, sole proprietorship, corporation, or nonprofit. Depending on your goals, your choice will be different.

Registering in Arizona

Once you have chosen the kind of structure you want for your business, you have to go through the state to register it. More than likely, they will ask for information like your business’s name, your statutory agent who will handle your taxes, your employer identification number, and any formation documents.

Depending on what structure you choose, the tasks to register may vary or ask for different information.

It’s All About Location

The location of your business can be a large factor in its success. Areas like Flagstaff and Phoenix in Arizona could be great for increased foot traffic and word of mouth. Of course, if you are looking into creating a fully online store, this won’t matter as much.

Focus on Banking

Keeping your personal banking and business banking separate is very important. To ensure this, creating a whole new account for your business can help keep track of what you are spending for just your store and see what is coming in.

Obtaining a business credit card can also help build your store’s credit while also keeping a document list of transactions. Setting up a proper business accounting system can also help save your business money, as well as help keep track of expenditures when it comes to taxes, utilities, etc.

Insure Your Business

Getting your business insured can help keep your business safe against any risks while also helping it grow. You will want to look into Workers’ Compensation Insurance, General Liability Insurance, and Professional Liability Insurance. In Arizona, any business with one or more employees must have a Workers’ Compensation Insurance set up, no matter what.

Hiring Employees

If your business is growing fast or needs help, hiring employees will be the most effective choice. You should make sure this is done correctly and legally, so your employees get the proper benefits. This could mean getting workers’ compensation insurance, registering in the IRS for Employer Taxes, and reporting new hires to Arizona.


One of the aspects of your business that stands out the most will be your brand. Figuring out your company’s brand can be crucial in creating a name for yourself in your audience’s eyes.

What do you want your brand to represent?
How do you want to be seen by your customers?

Questions like these can help you figure out what you want your brand to be, and how to get starting in crafting a marketable brand. Your business is a reflection of yourself and your goals. You want it to be something you can be proud of. 
Next to branding, a logo can be just as vital. A logo shows off your company in pictures rather than words. This logo will be found on everything that has to do with your business, and using software like logo generators could help you make the perfect one.

Get Online

In this day and age, being online can make the difference in whether your company is known or ignored. Start your online presence with a website. Your website can include your vision, brand, products, and even discounts. It is a one-stop-shop for your customers. 
Next to a website, having social media pages for your business can help grow it as well. Showcase your products on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to get more eyes on your business than you could imagine. Whether you are planning a brick-and-mortar business or an online business, being online and available to your audience can be a great leap in the right direction.

Online Business

If you are hoping to create a fully online store, companies like Ecwid are there to help you make your dreams a reality with a handful of resources and tools. Ecwid can not only help you sell from your own website, but it can also help you sell from other shopping platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The more sites your business is on, the more virtual traffic you will get, and the more sales will come from it. 
What business doesn’t want more sales? To help keep track of your sales from each site, utilize their simple dashboard. From there you can see which sites are doing better than others and also see which products will have to be restocked soon. If you are hoping to open an online business, Ecwid could be a great resource to take advantage of.


While having an online presence is great, how you utilize it can really make a difference. This is where marketing comes in. Virtual and physical marketing are key components to running a business, and on average, a company should put aside $250 to $1,500 a month for marketing.

This money can go towards photography, coupons, business cards, social media ads, or even things as big as billboards. The way you choose to market can depend on the type of business you have as well. 
Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are great places to set up pages and showcase yourself, your product, customer reviews, product use, or anything else your audience may enjoy. These sites also allow for pay-per-click ads as well to show off your business without posting.
Google My Business is perfect for connecting with local customers and helping people find you easier. You can include information like your location, hours, what you sell, and contact information for customers to use. Facebook could also be considered a great way to connect with local customers. Good, old-fashioned pamphlets and business cards shouldn’t be a forgotten type of marketing, either.

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