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Build your online empire as a team

As your store grows, so will your team. With Ecwid, managing and onboarding your team is a breeze. Grant your staff access to specific tools, ensuring they have everything they need to make your store thrive!

Do your own thing, together

Empower your team by simplifying their workflow and customizing permissions. Provide them with the tools they need to excel at their roles, and limit access to features that aren't under their scope.

Hiring new staff to manage your orders?

Grant them access to order management tools such as processing, packing, and delivering to perform their tasks. Restrict access to tools they don't require such as marketing.

Inviting a staff member to manage the product catalog?

Provide them with the tools they need such as adding new products, controlling the stock, and updating product descriptions. Limit access to tools such as the API.

Inviting a third-party to help set up your store or website?

When hiring third-parties for store-related tasks, it is essential to prioritize security and protect personal information. Give third-party developers strict access to the API or designers only access to the Instant Site Editor so they can perform their tasks. Keep other areas off limits.

Take control of your store

As an admin, you have centralized control of your store

Always be aware of what is going on, and who is doing what

Enhance security by restricting access to important information

Supercharge your ecommerce

Take your online store to new heights with Ecwid. Expand your reach, reduce manual tasks, and sell.

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