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Add Ecommerce to Your Sparkle Website

Selling online is quick and easy with Sparkle + Ecwid. Easily add an online store to your Sparkle website and you’re ready to sell. The process takes only a few minutes, requires no outside web development, and leaves your current website’s design perfectly intact. Win-win-win.

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Sell anywhere and everywhere

Get your store onto mobile phones, social sites, and marketplaces like Google, Amazon, eBay and Walmart. Ecwid integrates with social media channels from Facebook to Instagram, Pinterest, and beyond. We adapt our interface to customer’s screens so your Ecwid store looks good on any device.

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Get set up in minutes

Ecwid is the easiest ecommerce to enable. We seamlessly integrate with your current website’s interface and design—no programming required. Add your store to as many sites as you want and manage it from one place. Any changes you make are mirrored instantly across all platforms.

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Our single control panel puts you in control

Now that you’ve set up your Sparkle website with Ecwid, you’ll need an easy way to keep track of sales, marketing campaigns, and more. Do it all from Ecwid’s single dashboard, which operates easily across desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Get started

No credit card required

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Connect Ecwid and Sparkle

Launch Ecwid
Connect Your Store
Start Selling

Powerful Sparkle shopping cart extension

Quickly and easily add Sparkle ecommerce functionality to your website with Ecwid’s free Sparkle shopping cart extension. At Ecwid, we do things differently. So it’s no surprise that we offer a comprehensive ecommerce option for Sparkle site builder. Ecwid’s Sparkle store populates as an integrated piece of your current website. We provide seamless upgrades for new features as they come out, and operate at an incredibly fast speed—regardless of where you host or how many visitors you receive. You’ve already built and launched an impressive website. Now grow your business exponentially with Ecwid’s versatile and customizable Sparkle shopping cart.

Installing the Sparkle ecommerce extension from Ecwid can be done in just a few steps. Once you’ve created a free Ecwid account, just download the free Ecwid extension, set up the extension through your site's backend, and bam! You’re ready to start using your Sparkle shopping cart. You can also manually install the Sparkle ecommerce extension, as well as adding sidebar modules to customize the appearance of your Sparkle store. Ecwid’s Sparkle ecommerce extension is optimized to neatly display on all web browsers and mobile devices by default. However, some CSS expertise will allow you to easily tailor the look of your Sparkle online store. Ecwid’s Sparkle ecommerce extension comes with more advanced features than any other Sparkle shopping cart extension on the market.

Your Sparkle store operates seamlessly with use of our lightning fast AJAX interface and an optimized, dedicated Amazon EC2 server. Other unique advantages of having a Sparkle online store with Ecwid include: comprehensive catalog and data management, flexible shipping and payment solutions, a customizable design layout, and advanced customer interaction options. Your Sparkle shopping cart is also frequently and seamlessly updated without any coding, patching, or other coding work needed on your part. If you’re planning on expanding your online business, Ecwid’s Sparkle shopping cart easily synchronizes across your other websites, blogs, or Facebook pages. And to make your Sparkle ecommerce experience even more efficient, all of these features are all easily managed from one place: the Ecwid control panel.

Increase your business potential with Ecwid’s free Sparkle ecommerce extension. In addition to our Forever Free plan, we also offer a variety of paid plans offering additional premium features, for every step in your business journey. By creating a free Sparkle store with Ecwid, you’ll reap the rewards of a comprehensive ecommerce experience. This includes advanced features for your business that you won’t find anywhere else. Ecwid’s revolutionary Sparkle ecommerce extension can be set up in a matter of minutes. It’s easily managed and smoothly integrated into your existing Sparkle site. So, what are you waiting for?

Your free online store is just a few clicks away

Set up your Ecwid store once to easily sync and sell across your website, social media platforms, marketplaces like Amazon, and in-person.

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