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ShopApp Puts Your Storefront in Your Customer's Pocket

Allow your customers to shop from their mobile devices with your own dedicated native app.

Your Own Mobile App

With ShopApp, Ecwid automatically creates and publishes a native mobile app in the Apple App Store and Google Play just for you.


ShopApp puts your restaurant in your customer’s pocket

  • Your own, branded iOS and Android shopping app
  • Order Ahead and Order Pickup at a certain time
  • Integrated with Square, PayPal and Chase
  • Store POS and mobile POS tied to live inventory

Made for iOS and Android

ShopApp will allow you to cover 96% of all mobile customers by publishing your synchronized storefront app on both iOS and Android platforms.


Synced with your Ecwid Store

Your personal ShopApp and your Ecwid store stay fully synced in the cloud. Images, prices, availability and any changes that you make online will automatically sync with your mobile app.

Your Ecwid Store

What Our Customers Say

Now my customers have a professional app that is synced with my store in their pocket. Ecwid ShopApp allows my store to compete with the big guys on mobile!

Chris Evertsen, Karbon Speed

Download the Karbon Speed App to preview

ShopApp Puts Your Storefront
in Your Customer’s Pocket

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