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Ecwid vs. Shift4Shop

Is Ecwid the best Shift4Shop alternative?

Considering Shift4Shop for your small business? With so many e-commerce platforms out there, finding the right fit can be a struggle. We’re here to break it down for you.


What people say about Shift4Shop

Weak support
Poor customer service
Hidden costs
Coding skills required
Hidden costs
Hidden costs
No mobile app
No mobile app
Hard to understand dashboard

Ecwid is here to make e-commerce easy

Ecwid is more than just an e-commerce platform. We’re a company that’s invested in your success. Lots of merchants are choosing Ecwid over the other guys to build their online empire. Here’s why:

No coding skills required

Do the terms “coding,” “design,” and “application integrations” make you nervous? Us too. That's why we automated all that stuff, so you'll be ready to sell right out of the box — no coding or expertise required. All you need is a great business idea, and a few minutes to set up your shop.

You can build and manage your store on mobile

Wanna build an online business from your smartphone? The Ecwid Store Management Mobile App is a simple and secure tool to control and manage your store from anywhere. Create and launch your storefront, check your inventory, manage sales and more.

You Can Call Us. Seriously

Our Customer Care team is made up of real, live humans—not automated voicemails. We’re here to help you: via phone, live chat, or email. Need a hand? We've got you.

Ecwid Means Never Having to Manage Multiple Dashboards

Your car only has one control panel. Why should your Ecommerce store be any different? With Ecwid, everything is at your fingertips from our single dashboard—centralized inventory, order management, pricing, and more.

What our merchants are saying about Ecwid vs. Shift4Shop

“...I gave up and moved to Ecwid (I sell Vape products online and there's not as much choice as you think) and with Ecwid my site was up and running within hours. Avoid 3dcart [former name of Shift4Shop] if you are like me and not skilled with website creation, my opinion.”

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