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Ecwid makes it easy to advertise and sell your products and services on Snapchat.

Promote the products from your online store, gather data about who’s buying, and reach more Snapchat users like them.

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Unlock the Power of Snapchat to Expand Your Ecommerce Business

347 million

people use Snapchat every day

millennials and Gen Z use Snapchat
Top 10

Snapchat is one of top 10 most used apps in the world

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Things You Can Do with Snapchat Pixel

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Analyze your audience

With the Snap Pixel’s data, you can better analyze your customers’ behavior: how people engage with your website, which pages they visit most often, if they have a habit of abandoning carts, etc etc.

Build custom audiences for ad targeting

Pixel Custom Audiences are snapchatters who’ve already engaged with your website. This is a valuable advertising group because people who’ve already engaged with your website are more likely to respond to an ad and make a purchase. Advertising to this group is called retargeting.

Once a minimum of 1,000 people have completed an action (for example, viewed a product page), an audience will be automatically generated for that event.

Find more people like your customers

When you’re ready to increase your sales volume, you’ll want to advertise to a bigger audience. Creating a “Lookalike” audience allows you to reach shoppers who are likely to make a purchase by finding Snapchat users who are similar to your existing customers.

Start Selling on Snapchat With Ecwid

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