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Turn your snaps into sales

Use Snapchat as a fun and creative way to advertise your products and expand your reach. Effortlessly gather data about who’s buying and reach more Snapchat users with similar interests.

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Expand your ecommerce business on Snapchat

375 million people use Snapchat every day

75% of millennials and Gen Z are on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of top 10 most used apps in the world

Things you can do with Snapchat Pixel

Connect Snap Pixel to your Ecwid store in three easy steps

Copy your Pixel ID to the Ecwid Control Panel

Start measuring your success

Sell on Snapchat without limits with Linkup

Make your content and products easily accessible to your followers with Linkup, Ecwid's link-in-bio ecommerce tool.

Add important links to a fast, mobile-optimized page accessible in your Sanpchat bio

Sell anything you want on your Linkup page using Ecwid's powerful ecommerce tools

Get detailed analytics on your sales, revenue, and social media channels to monitor your progress

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