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Amplify your business with Google Shopping

Gain access to millions of prospective customers who are searching for products like yours on Google! Showcase products from your Ecwid store across the world's most used search engine and reach your target audience with Google ads.

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List your products across Google's vast surfaces

Increase brand awareness and list your products for free on Google's extensive listing destinations, which includes Google Search, Google Images, Google Shopping tab, Google maps, and more. Let your customers find you.

Sell on Google Shopping—Google's very own marketplace

Google Shopping allows users to purchase products from local businesses and retailers.

A convenient visual format that drives purchase decisions, with product images, titles, and prices

A large, well-known marketplace with lots of potential customers who are ready to purchase

It is free to list your products, exposure is organic with the option to pay for a highter placement to further enhance visibility

Drive qualified leads to your online store with paid ads

Promote your online empire with customizable Google ads

Reach your target audience based on demographic, interests, and more

Measure how your ads are performing (click rates, impressions, keywords) to increase the effectiveness of your ads

Stay connected with customers by retargeting those who've shown interest in your ads

Automated “Performance Max” campaigns

Let Google AI create campaigns specifically tailored for your customers, leveraging data from your products. It showcases the ads on various platforms like Gmail and Youtube, helping your business grow. Simply select bidding strategies and let Google work its magic.

Get the best experience with automated Google Shopping

Getting the most out of Google Shopping is tougher than it looks. So let us do it for you! For just $20/month, we’ll set up your account, manage your free listings on Google’s Shopping tab and Surfaces and optimize your Google Ads. Get the most exposure for your brand with Google.

Ready to give it a try?

Start expanding your reach on Google
Eligible merchants who sign up for Google Shopping for Ecwid will be automatically opted into free listings. Learn more about free listings.

Grow your business with Ecwid

Add an Ecwid online store to your existing site — or create one from scratch for free using our website templates. Drive your audience to a website they won't want to leave.

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