Enterprise-level security

Is Ecwid Secure for Selling Online?

Did you know that Ecwid is PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant? That’s the highest international standard for payment info exchanges in online stores.
Ecwid protects everyone involved in the online selling process, from online merchants to consumers. We monitor your account to protect it from any suspicious activity lurking out there in cyberspace.

Is Ecwid Secure to Sell Online?

Every transaction is safe

Ecwid protects every single transaction made in your store. Our encryption has even been certified by industry experts.

Peace of mind to manage your business

We know you don’t want to waste time on site and security maintenance. So we made Ecwid with security and software updates happen automatically. Why? Because we believe you have more important things to do, like running an ecommerce business!

Business data backups are automatic

Don’t take chances when it comes to your business data. With Ecwid, if you lose something, we can restore it. We do frequent, automatic backups of your orders, payments, design, layout, and settings preferences. It’s a no brainer.

Security for your customers

All Ecwid stores are protected with HTTPS protocol for secure data transfers. Ecwid doesn’t even store or process customers’ credit card information. Instead, we use only the most internationally trusted and vetted payment systems to ensure maximum security.

Customer privacy protection

Ecwid collects, stores, processes, and shares personal data according to GDPR guidelines, and complies with all GDPR requirements. So we only know what we absolutely need to know to take care of your business.

Your secure online store is just a few clicks away

Create an online store with Ecwid to provide a safe and convenient shopping experience to your customers from around the planet.

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