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Stay on top of business performance with advanced reports

Whether you want to stay-up-to date on what is happening in your business or looking to find the next opportunity — you can use our real-time, built-in reports to visualize your success.

Gain a better understanding of your customers

Make data-driven decisions by better understanding the needs of your customers and their spending patterns. Access detailed reports on:

Total visitors, total visits, duration, and more

New vs. returning visitors comparison

The device they are using

Take control of all your orders

Monitoring the growth of your orders becomes more challenging as sales increase. Easily maintain visibility with:

Total orders placed

Orders and number of items per customer

New vs. repeat orders comparisons

Keep your finances hassle-free

Gain insights on the revenue that is being generated by your store, where it is coming from, and patterns on how to increase it. Access key information such as:

Total revenue

Average order value

Average revenue per customer or visitor

View all payment reporting in one place

By choosing Lightspeed Payments, our fully integrated solution, you gain direct access to all your payment information from the control panel. This includes reports on your pay-outs, transaction volumes, and more.

Track your sales data on-the-go

Track your data on mobile, no computer required. With the Ecwid mobile app, you can easily access sales data right from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Organize your data to suit your preferences with a CSV file

Prefer using spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or OpenOffice Calc to manage your sales reports? Easily export order data in a CSV. Compare total sales from last year, track tax collection, and identify top sales sources.

Increase store performance with Google Analytics

Dive deeply into your store’s performance with Google Analytics. This powerful tool measures:

Site traffic to avoid costs on ad channels that don’t bring people to your store

Conversions and sales to better understand the quality of leads and the quality of your website

Search keywords that your customers use while shopping to make your store more searchable

Optimize ad content with Kliken stats

View how your ads are performing across channels and optimize them for best results with the Kliken Stats app.

Gain valuable insights on traffic sources, conversion rates, and ad acquisition costs and cut off ads that are not generating results

View total revenue and top-selling items to make better decisions about which items are worth selling

More Ecwid apps to analyze your sales data

Visit the Ecwid app market to find more apps to view and analyze your sales data, such as heat map tracking, visitor reportings, and more.

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