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Ecwid Leverages AMP Email in Conjunction with Google Cloud to Revolutionize Selling Through Email

Ecwid E-commerce Platform Delivers Dynamic Content to Help Merchants Grow Their Stores and Revenue

San Diego, Calif. — March 26, 2019 – Ecwid, a leading global software-as-a-service (SaaS) e-commerce company with more than 1.5 million merchants in more than 175 countries, today introduced a simple and efficient email solution that utilizes the latest advancements and functionality in the AMP open-source project for email technology, to enable dynamic, updateable content for email e-commerce.

Ecwid has developed a smart email solution that allows e-commerce merchants to push the boundaries of their email and sell using content that will allow in-email inventory updates, shipping status updates, and more.

With Ecwid, a single email can contain dynamic content, including order confirmation, order status and shipping confirmation emails — updated automatically — reducing inbox clutter and making the email e-commerce process more efficient for both the merchant and consumer.
Ecwid enables small businesses to easily sell on websites, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and now in email.


Ecwid’s intelligent email solution leveraging AMP for email technology is available now to online merchants from the Ecwid applications site at

About Ecwid

Ecwid E-commerce is a global SaaS e-commerce platform company established in 2009. Ecwid provides online selling solutions for small businesses in over 175 countries and in 54 languages.For more information visit: