Accept payments with PayPal

Add a PayPal shopping cart to your website

19 million online stores accept PayPal in 200+ markets around the world. Join them now: e-commerce with PayPal is even easier with Ecwid.
Seamlessly integrated with all PayPal payment options for your web, Facebook and mobile stores

Open a PayPal online store on your site today

Don’t know how to set up an e-commerce site with PayPal? No worries, it’s just a matter of several clicks. Add PayPal to a site now — it’s as simple as adding a YouTube video.
First you need your basic website or social media page
Then embed your Ecwid store into your website
That’s it! You’re ready to sell with PayPal with your Ecwid online store

Sell Everywhere with PayPal E-commerce

With a PayPal shopping cart on on websites, mobile phones, social sites and marketplaces like eBay, Google Shopping and as well as in person with our mobile point of sale app. Over 200 million people trust PayPal e-commerce. Provide your customers with better shopping experience: PayPal store payment allows them to shop the world.

Social Commerce with PayPal Store Payment

Add a PayPal online store to Facebook, Tumblr or any other social media site. Ecwid is the #1 e-commerce app on Facebook with over 40,000 stores. 75% of online merchants add PayPal to a site or a social media page. Follow the lead to reach more customers on different platforms including social media pages. PayPal store payment makes it easy for customers to shop while they chat, post pictures, or read news.

Mobile Responsive Design with PayPal E-commerce

Your Ecwid store looks perfect on any smartphone and automatically adapts to your customer’s screen size — laptops, tablets, desktops or smart TVs. No matter where your customers prefer to shop your store works just fine. Make their shopping experience even better with PayPal e-commerce: allow them to choose the most convenient payment option on any gadget they use.

Your Ecwid cart just got even better — make it a PayPal Shopping Cart

Whether you’re starting a new e-commerce store or want to extend the functionality of your existing shopping cart, adding PayPal to your Ecwid shopping cart will attract more customers. Many customers prefer paying via PayPal, so we’ve made it easy to add it as a payment method. Brand recognition is increasingly important for customers who shop online, so when they see that yours is a PayPal shopping cart, they’ll feel much more secure in their transactions with you.

Benefits of a PayPal Shopping Cart

In today’s world, there are many people who are hesitant to make purchases online with credit and debit cards due to the fears of identity theft. PayPal solves this problem by allowing customers to make safe and secure transactions through a PayPal online store. Adding PayPal to your website gives you more diverse payment options, without needing to apply for a merchant license. After entering your email and password you use for PayPal you will be able to quickly accept payments without the hassle of a merchant account application and approval process. Adding the PayPal shopping cart button is free, providing a cost-effective solution to extend your transaction services while benefiting from PayPal tools. For example, you’ll have the ability to set custom payment preferences (such as blocking international buyers, if you don’t want to ship globally or deal in multiple currencies.) Enabling PayPal inside Ecwid will complete the purchase process, allowing you to begin receiving payments securely.

Integrating a PayPal Online Store

No matter your technical skill level, creating a PayPal online store on your website is simple. Unlike many other payment providers, PayPal is easy to integrate onto your existing Ecwid cart, whether it’s on your own website, social media pages, or mobile sites. Ecwid’s Mobile Responsive Design ensures your cart will display beautiful on any size screen. Simply sign up for Ecwid and embed it directly to your site, as easily as copy and paste. Then, link your PayPal account to your site to begin selling anywhere. Within minutes, your site becomes more appealing to customers who are visiting your website, purchasing from mobile devices, and shopping from social media sites.

Easily Accept Payments

When you add PayPal to ecommerce websites, you give your customers peace of mind. Many customers are reluctant to give their credit card information to an unfamiliar vendor, but PayPal is likely a service that they are already using. This layer of security for your customers may make the difference between a completed sale and an abandoned cart. With a PayPal online storefront, you’ll give your customers the trusted and preferred payment option that’s quick, free, and easy for you to grow and manage your business with low receiving fees for accepted transactions. Add PayPal to your website with Ecwid to benefit from an easy and affordable solution to accept payments online.

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