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Expand your store with flexible payment options

Don’t let your customers abandon their cart because their preferred, trusted, or local payment provider wasn’t offered at checkout. We have the tools you need for an efficient, and flexible payment process.


of consumers say they would leave a sale if they didn’t feel the payment was secure*


of customers would abandon their cart if their preferred payment method wasn’t an option*

*Source: Mollie

Secure online success with Lightspeed Payments

Provide your customers with a secure, fast, and efficient payment solution.

Avoid abandoned carts by offering all popular payment methods and subscriptions (debit, credit, one tap pay)

Get an in-depth view of sales data with payment reports

Consolidate your payments, software, and customer support in one place

*Available in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Belgium.

Cater to all customers with our extensive list of payment providers

We offer a diverse range of payment options to accommodate customers worldwide, accepting various online payment types. Get a  full list of 70+ payment providers.

Accept and manage all major payment types including PayPal, PayPal Pay Later, debit and credit cards, locally recognized payment methods, and more (available in 200 countries)

Accept debit and credit card payments, subscriptions, and a variety of payment methods (available in countries including Canada, USA, UK, and more.) Use Klarna to provide flexible Buy Now Pay Later options (Europe)

Accept all types of payment methods using Square for a compliant, quick, and easy shopping experience (USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and Japan)

Accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, PayPal, Diner’s Club, JCB and debit cards. Offer localized payments for 180 countries

Increase profits with tips in your online store

Your hard work deserves to be recognized. Add a field during payment where customers can leave a tip or donation to show their support and gratitude for your service.

Cover costs with surcharge fees at checkout

To cover extra spending on certain providers, or on delivery, you can apply fees for each payment method in your store. The surcharge will be added to the customer’s total.

Get continuous revenue with subscriptions

Build customer loyalty and ongoing revenue with subscriptions. Charge clients on a recurring basis (weekly, monthly, annually) for products and services.

Offer flexible offline payment methods

Maximize conversion by offering clients more ways to pay. Accept payments outside of your online store

Instruct customers to pay you offline (by cash, bank transfer, check, invoice, etc.)

Limit manual payments to specific shipping methods (cash payments for local delivery or self-pickup only, etc.)

All available payment systems

Choose from over 70 payment providers. Ecwid automatically presents the most suitable payment provider for your region, based on your preferences and location.

Questions about Payments on Ecwid

How much will it cost to implement a payment gateway?
Ecwid does not charge any additional transaction fees. The rates vary depending on the provider. They determine their own prices.
What is a payment gateway?
A payment gateway is a vital component in ecommerce, facilitating secure online transactions by encrypting and transmitting payment information between customers and merchants. It plays a key role in authorizing transactions and ensuring the secure transfer of funds from customers to merchants.
Why aren’t I able to use a certain payment gateway?
Payment gateways are location-based. Certain types of payments may be unavailable in your country. Refer to the table above to find out which payments are accepted in your area.
Didn't find a payment gateway on the list? Reach out to our custom development team to integrate it in your Ecwid store.
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