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How Much Does WooCommerce Cost

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Looking to start a website? Laimei, it is easier these days than it has ever been. Many great platforms can be used to launch a website, with one of these being WordPress. WordPress is a free and open-source platform that can be used to launch many different types of websites. Tačiau, it does not come with base ecommerce functionality, which is what WooCommerce is for.

„WooCommerce“. is a plugin that gives a WordPress site ecommerce functionality. This may make you wonderhow much does WooCommerce cost? Na, technically, WooCommerce is a free and open-source plugin as well.

Taigi, with both of these platforms being free, why are costs being discussed? Na, there is some level of cost associated with launching a new ecommerce website, and we will break these down. Continue below to answer the question, how much does a WooCommerce site cost?

How Much Does It Cost to Use WooCommerce?

There are at least a few basic features a user will need to get WooCommerce functioning. Tačiau, there are additional features that can be added for extra bells and whistles. We will break down each necessity, its range of cost, and which ones are really needed to get an ecommerce site rolling.

Hosting services: around $7-$40/month

To get any type of ecommerce site, jums reikės interneto prieglobos paslaugų. Tai iš esmės yra mokėjimas už erdvės egzistavimą internete, o tai yra neišvengiamos išlaidos. Be hostingo, niekas negali rasti ar apsilankyti naujoje el. prekybos svetainėje.

Kadangi priegloba yra būtinybė, tampa klausimu, ką pasirinkti prieglobai. Yra daugybė prieglobos paslaugų teikėjų, ir nėra vieno teisingo atsakymo. Tai tikrai priklauso nuo išlaidų, vertė, ir suderinamumas.

Beveik kiekvienas prieglobos paslaugų teikėjas pasiūlys mažesnę įvadinę kainą, bet būtinai atkreipkite dėmesį, kiek jis padidės po šio laikotarpio. Papildomai, prieglobos išlaidos gali padidėti, nes svetainėje apsilankys daugiau lankytojų, bet tikiuosi, pardavimas padengs tai iki to momento.

Kai kurios geros prieglobos galimybės yra „BlueHost“., A2 Hostingas, InMotion, ir daug daugiau. „Woo“ taip pat turi savo prieglobos paslaugą Woo Express. Būtinai peržiūrėkite prieglobos parinktis, nes kai kurie turi papildomų privalumų, pvz., vitrinos temos, pašto paslaugos, ir saugumo privalumai.

Domeno vardas: $8-$15/metų

A domain name is another necessity when it comes to starting an ecommerce store. A domain is basically the address to your site, as in what a user will type in to go to your site. Some hosting platforms will allow you to choose a domain name as part of the service. Priešingu atveju, you must buy one from a domain registrar, such as Domain or Google Domains.

The price of a domain can greatly vary depending on whether it is in high demand or related to the particular service. Tačiau, if you choose a name that isn’t highly sought after or includes popular keywords, you can often get a cheap one for an introductory rate of around $8-$10, which may then increase to $12-$15 a year for renewal.

How Much Does WooCommerce Cost Per Month: Optional Services

Hosting and domain services are really the only primary services required to get a WooCommerce site up and running. Tačiau, there are plenty of optional services that can help improve your new site. Let’s take a brief look at some of the optional costs for WooCommerce:

  • Themes: $0-$130: There are plenty of free WooCommerce themes and templates out there. Tačiau, paid themes typically offer further customization and more functionality. It also helps to set your store apart from many others using the free themes.
  • Plėtiniai: $0-$400/metų: Extensions are additional features that can be added to your new site. These include things like different payment services, siuntimas, pardavimai, išankstiniai užsakymai, prenumeratos, ir dar.
  • Papildiniai: $0-$130/metų: Plugins are similar to extensions, except they are more general in nature. These include plugins for field editors, SEO, analitika, rewards systems, ir dar.
  • Saugumas: $0-$300/metų: Most hosting services offer basic security certificates for your site. Tačiau, additional security is always a good idea to protect customer’s private information.
  • WooCommerce Development Services: $1,000-$6,000: There is no need to hire WooCommerce developer services when first launching your store or even when it becomes midsize. Tačiau, as you grow into a larger store, you may want to hire WooCommerce development services. These professionals will be able to handle the various fine details of site design and functionality to account for the higher level of traffic and sales.

For those asking: how much does WooCommerce cost per month? The answer to this really varies depending on the optional services you would like to include.

If you only buy the basic necessities of hosting and domain, you’re looking at around $8-$42 kas mėnesį. Žinoma, the more options you want, the higher the monthly cost will be.

Looking for a Simple Alternative to WooCommerce?

If you are looking to build an ecommerce store but would like an alternative to WooCommerce, Ecwid gali padėti. We offer a quick and easy ecommerce function that you can use on virtually any platform, including Wix, WordPress, Instagramas, ir daug daugiau.



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