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How Many Users Are on Instagram in 2020

How Many Users Are on Instagram?

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For small businesses, social media platforms are free marketing tools that you can start using to sell online immediately! And with a global reach of over 2 billion users on Instagram, it’s essential to market your online business to this vast group. But also gain a better understanding of who exactly the user is.

We’ll breakdown Instagram users by country, amžiaus, and gender. And as you discover more about the demographics of these Instagram users – think of ways to get your product in front of the over 1 billion users on Instagram.

How Many Active Users Are on Instagram?

When you take a look at the number of active Instagram users, sources claim there are approximately 2 milijardo vartotojų – over 1/10th of the world’s population! With strong indicators that users are heavily active on Instagram, you’ll want to know what posts and content they interact with most. Take a look at these quick Instagram user statistics:

  • 6 iš 10 users login to Instagram daily, meaning you’ll want to make sure to post daily content.
  • And users will spend an average of 28 minučių on the platform in 2020.

If your curious, Instagram is ranked number six in the popular social networks. With Facebook and Youtube, placing in the top two spots. As you build your marketing strategy consider showcasing your business on one of these platforms.

Išmokti daugiau apie selling on Instagram

How Many Users Did Instagram Have in 2019?

Pirmas, we’ll look at a few key takeaways related to how many users Instagram had in 2019. With around 400 million daily active users in 2019, this compared to the year before saw an increase iš 35% į 37%.

With the launch of IGTV in June of 2018, Instagramas crossed over the 1 milijardo user mark, continuing to establish their presence as top social media platform. The evidence that Instagram’s growth is not slowing down, should be a sign that it’s worth investing your time and resources for your business.

However that was the past, and now we look at the growth and trends we’re seeing in 2021!

How Many Users Did Instagram Have in 2021?

An outstanding 500 milijonas vartotojų are active daily on Instagram with 90% of those accounts following at least one business! 140 million of Instagram users come from the United States. If you’re curious as to which countries have the highest number of users, make sure you read to the end.

Due to lockdown, we also thought it would be helpful to look at few key Instagram statistics for 2020. And so far, statistics have shown that users are slightly more engaged. With entire countries forced to lockdown, social media saw a 7.3 engagement increase per post per day. There could be strong evidence to support that users are engaging more in content due to lockdown.

Who Uses Instagram the Most?

When marketing your online business, it’s helpful to know who your target audience is. Did you know over half of the users on Instagram are under the age of 34! And among the seven demographics, į 18-24 age group is the largest.

With these statistics, it’s safe to say Instagram users are a relatively younger crowd. Instagram is also the second most preferred app after Snapchat among teenagers in the US. If these groups are in your target market, and you are not active on Instagram. You could be missing an opportunity to build brand awareness. Keep in mind these two key Instagram user statistics when building your marketing strategy

What Gender Uses Instagram the Most?

When you look at the gender of Instagram users, the split is almost even with 51% female and 49% male. Another key stat to consider is that women influence 95% of purchases and are the primary decision-makers when it comes to online shopping. There is strong evidence to suggest that women are a key audience that should be considered when marketing your business.

What Percentage of the World Uses Instagram?

With one billion users on Instagram, this accounts for almost 1/10th of the world’s population! Around (insert percentage) have an account on Instagram. We thought it would be helpful to provide a breakdown of Instagram users by country, where the U.S. currently sits at the top with 120 milijonas vartotojų. Tačiau, users across the globe are turning to Instagram! Take a look at the graph below:

The global reach Instagram offers combined with the free use of the platform proves you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Kas toliau?

Now that we’ve explored a variety of Instagram user statisticsit’s time to get selling! And with Ecwid E-commerce we give you access to Instagram Shopping for promoting your business. Discover just how easy it is to sell on Instagram with Instagram e-commerce!



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