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Revenue in the Swimwear Segment 2020—2026

The Swimwear segment is projected to generate $15.69 billion in revenue in 2022, of which $5.78 billion is from Men’s Swimwear, from Women’s Swimwear — $9.28 billion, and for children — $0.63 billion. By 2026, revenue in this segment will grow by 15% to $18.11 billion.

Sources: July 2022

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Which swimwear will generate the most revenue in 2022?

In 2022, women’s swimwear will generate more revenue than men’s and children’s swimwear combined. This revenue is equal to $9.28 billion. Source:

Which swimwear revenue is the smallest in 2022?

In 2022, children’s swimwear will generate less revenue than men’s and women’s swimwear. This income will be equal to $0.63 billion. Source:

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