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Main Reasons for Using Social Media in 2023

27.3% of people aged 16 to 64 surveyed use social media to find things to do and buy. Another 25.9% of social media users are finding products to purchase on social media.  

Sources: datareportal.com June 2023

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What are main reasons for using social media in 2023?

With the help of social networks, people keep in touch with family and friends (47.1%), spend their free time (36.2%), and read the news (34.2%). But social networks are used not only for entertainment, but also to buy some products (25.9%). Source: datareportal.com

Do people use social networks for their purchases?

27.3% of people on social media look for shopping inspiration and 25.9% of people find shopping products in 2023. Source: datareportal.com

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