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Return of Goods: Important Criteria for Customers

Free return shipping is the most important criterion for 45% of US online shoppers when returning a purchased item. 24% of online stores customers believe that processing a return should be easy, and 18% want to receive a refund as soon as possible.

Sources: February 2023

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What return criteria are important for a customer when buying from an online store?

The three most important criteria for returning goods that affect the purchase of goods in an online store: free return shipping, the ease of processing a return, how quickly I get my refund. 87% of customers out of 1,000 surveyed consider these criteria to be the most important in the return procedure. Source:

Is return information important to a customer before purchasing a product from an online store?

84% of consumers read a return policy before making a purchase online, and 91% of consumers say that the overall ease of their returns experience impacts their willingness to shop with a retailer again. Source:

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