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Expected Reduction in Holiday Gift Spending, by Country in 2023

According to research from Shipstation, three in four consumers (74%) plan to reduce their spending on holiday gifts in 2023. Shoppers in Germany and Australia plan to cut their spending on holiday sales by 25% in 2023 compared to the previous year. But in the UK, spending in the 2023 holiday season is expected to fall by just 9%.

Sources: shipstation.com October 2023

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What product categories will shoppers save on during the holiday sales in 2023?

48% of shoppers during the 2023 holiday sales would like to cut spending on DIY and gardening items, and 44% on electronics. Source: shipstation.com

Which countries will save the most on holiday shopping in 2023?

47% of UK consumers plan to spend less than last year during the holiday sales in 2023. Source: shipstation.com

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