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Revenue in the Glasses Segment 2020—2025

The Glasses segment is projected to generate $34.02 billion in revenue in 2022, of which $16.92 billion is from Non-plastic Eyewear Frames and from Plastic Eyewear Frames — $17.10 billion. By 2025, revenue in this segment will grow by 27.33% to $43.32 billion.

Sources: statista.com August 2022

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Which Glasses will generate the most revenue in 2022?

In 2022, Plastic Eyewear Frames will generate more revenue than Non-plastic Eyewear Frames. This income will be equal to $17.10 billion. Source: statista.com

Which Glasses revenue is the smallest in 2022?

In 2022, Non-plastic Eyewear Frames will generate less revenue than Plastic Eyewear Frames. This income will be equal to $16.92 billion. Source: statista.com

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