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Worldwide Ecommerce Revenue in 2022, by Country

Presumably in 2022, China will generate the largest ecommerce revenue. It will be equal to $1.5 trillion. In second place is the United States with $875 billion in revenue.

Sources: statista.com May 2022

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Which country will generate the most ecommerce revenue in 2022?

According to preliminary data, China will receive $1.5 trillion in revenue from ecommerce. The United States will receive income almost 2 times less, which will be equal to $875 billion. Source: statista.com

Which top three countries with the highest ecommerce revenue in 2022?

China ($1.5 trillion), the United States ($875 billion), and Japan ($241 billion) are supposedly the top three countries with the highest ecommerce revenue in 2022. Source: statista.com

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